Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Adams County Fair

With 2 other nearby county fairs having come and gone without me even showing up for a corn dog, I was determined to go to the Adams County Fair. We found out about it on the news during the last 2 days the fair was going on (we noticed that most county fairs here don't last nearly as long as the Dixie Classic Fair). Although the Pickles wouldn't be with us to enjoy this fair, I looked forward to being able to take my time walking through the exhibit halls rather than waiting with them in long lines for the rides.

We decided to go on Sunday, the final day. And with afternoon temps in the nineties, we decided we'd wait until later in the day to head toward Brighton and the fairgrounds. We reached the fairgrounds around 6pm and still had to wait in a long line of cars to pay our $5 to park. I didn't mind though. I was able to enjoy the scenery at the park next door.

It looked like a great place to take a stroll or walk the dog when there wasn't fair traffic going on.

Once parked and in the fairgrounds (free admission), Mr. LH and I  took a self-guided tour through the Midway to check out the rides and food available. There was a pretty good selection of rides available and they had all the old food favorites - corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes, various meats on a stick and deep fried Twinkies (and Snickers and Milky Ways). They were even selling beer and (seriously) mixed drinks - something I wasn't used to seeing at a county fair.

We stopped at a petty zoo area so I could pet a calf and then we headed over to the exhibit hall. It...was....CLOSED! Doors locked and everything! It was only about 7pm. The fair was to last until 10pm. What the...

So we headed over to the animal stables. Aside from a couple horses and "Freightliner" the 1000 lb hog, the stables were empty. Hmmm...

We then went to the Children's Pavilion when a man outside announced he had "just closed up." At about that point, I decided I didn't want that corn dog so much any more. It was to go with the whole "fair experience" and so far there was no experience. Just a crowd of people wanting to ride rides and eat. We decided to eat elsewhere.

Lesson learned: Do NOT wait until the last half of the last day to go view the exhibits at the Adams County Fair. In fact, just to be safe, I don't think we'll be attending ANY fair on the last day from now on.

On the way home, Mr. LH decided to "explore". This means there was a good chance we'd get lost, but it was also a great chance to find possible neighborhoods and towns where we'd be interested in living later.

Just south of the fairgrounds, between Brighton and Commerce City was a fantastic sunset view. I kept taking pictures hoping to get one without a swath of power lines running through the frame. The sunset was enough to spur Mr. LH into heading further west for more photo ops...

We didn't get lost, but we went all the way to Boulder before we turned around to head back home for dinner. Thank goodness Ruby Tuesday kept serving until 10pm.

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