Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colorado Renaissance Festival - HUZZAH!

I knew before we ever moved here that I wanted to go to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. We only made it one year to the Carolina Renaissance Fest in Huntersville, NC but everyone loved it! So when I announced the Colorado Renaissance Festival coming up in June, we all looked forward to going. My best friend was also going to be in town visiting with us that weekend so we made our plans around the festival.

On the way down I-25, following the directions Bing gave us, we got lost in Castle Rock. As it turns out, I guess the address we had was for the main offices of the Renn Fest - not for the location of the Festival itself. If you happen to be going to the Renn Fest, just take I-25 South from Denver to Exit 173 then turn right and follow the signs. There's not much out there so it's very likely you could just follow the traffic directly to one of the Renaissance Festival's parking lots.

We were attending on the 2nd day of the first weekend. Although we got there an hour after it opened, we were already sent to the "additional parking" zone. It wasn't a problem, though since shuttle buses came at frequent intervals to take us to the main gate.

We'd already gotten our tickets at a King Soopers grocery store near the house so there was no need to wait in line. We did have to guzzle the water bottles we brought with us since no outside food or drinks were allowed past the front gate.

Once inside the gate, we were transported back to medieval times. So many people, participants and visitors, were dressed in period costume.

There were so many things to see and do that we just started wandering around to try to take it all in. We didn't get to see any of the stage shows, but we'll definitely make time for that next time.

The Girl was thrilled to meet up with Twig - the same fairy she met back in 2008 in North Carolina. She was just as beautiful and just as perfect a fairy as anyone could ask for.

After a lot of site-seeing, shopping and playing, the water we guzzled earlier caught up with us so we wandered around looking for the privies...

Luckily, they were fairly close by.

We decided it was time to enjoy some refreshments. The boys opted for a couple of smoked turkey legs. We also tried some scotch eggs, apple cobbler and grilled corn on the cob. Mmmm!

We were at the festival from about 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. It's hard to believe anyone could spend so much time there, but frankly, it wasn't enough time to see and do everything. This is definitely a "multiple visit" type of place!

We've already decided to make it an annual destination...HUZZAH!

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