Monday, April 25, 2011

Recipe Round-Up

I recently went through and re-organized my recipe book - the one I keep all my favorites in along with magazine clippings and printouts of recipes I want to try. I knew the original binder was getting a bit full (and old) because the rings were starting to separate from the cover and the vinyl was splitting from the cardboard.

I went out and got 2 binders from the thrift store (gotta love the thrift store). One white and one black. In one, I placed all my favorites, the recipes we use over and over again as well as the ones we HAVE tried and would like to make again in the near future.

In the other binder, I placed my ever-growing stack of "to try" recipes. That binder was already too full. I'd have to make more room. I told Mr. LH I was going to try to make at LEAST one new thing a week. Especially since just that day I had come across several new recipes I wanted to try. The recipes might be simple or elaborate. They might be a dessert, a sandwich, a simple sauce, a new bread or a full blown main course. I started out with the Homemade Poptarts then moved on to a Baked French Toast Casserole I thought I'd make when family is in town for Elder Boy's graduation (very heavy on the calories but so YUMMY!) That one got rave reviews from everyone.

For one of Mr. LH's late nights at work (and with Elder Boy off doing whatever it is he does) I made Pepperoni Pizza Roll-Ups for the kids. This would be a great (FAST) weekend lunch. The recipe was actually from a grocery store mailer around Super Bowl time. Simply section out crescent roll dough, spread with about 2 tsp pizza sauce each, add 2-3 pepperoni slices on each and sprinkle with grated mozzarella. Roll up as normal and bake according to package directions (about 12 minutes).

Next, I moved on to Shrimp & Grits. I don't know why it took me so long to actually make this dish, except I wanted to make exactly what Mr. LH got at a restaurant and had a hard time finding something similar. So YUMMY!

I plan to continue doing this until I tire of it - and since I've also been watching a lot of cooking shows, I don't suppose I'll tire of it very soon :)

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