Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh, Lolli Lollipop!

The Girl has been preparing for the last month for a performance with her class in the school's "Variety Show". It's basically a talent show - one that her teacher volunteered the entire class for. They planned to sing "Lollipop" so we've all had that song stuck in our heads for weeks!

All the children were asked to pitch in money for each child to have a large lollipop and to wear blue jeans and white t-shirts. Once her teacher got the lollipops, she must have given the class a talk about how "fragile" they were because The Girl came home that day spouting out a long list of "lollipop rules".

After the dress rehearsal one afternoon, I picked The Girl up from school and she filled me in on her stage fright in front of "all those kids". The Girl and "stage fright" just do NOT go together. Is she already starting to get dramatic? I thought I still had several years before that "phase".

Finally the night of the show came. From the crowd outside, you'd think this was a Broadway hit! How would they ever fit everyone in the gym?

Once we finally made it indoors, we wondered again how everyone would be able to fit. Mr. LH and I were lucky enough to find 2 seats (that someone had stopped saving for people) and The Boy was able to grab a spot in front where children were being allowed to sit. They probably should have had 2 or 3 nights of shows just so everyone could enjoy the show comfortably.

Although I had been battling a sinus infection for 2 days, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Many of the acts were the usual school assembly song and dance routines. However, there were multiple acts done by individual kids or groups of kids showing off their talents. One act was even a father-daughter-son dance routine!

But the hit of the night was the finale...the of the parents got quite a bit of it on video and popped it on YouTube:

MC #1: "Are those a bunch of retired teachers?"
MC #2: "No. That's just what OUR teachers look like now." (I think they're ready for summer break)

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Joy said...

That's awesome. How fun!