Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

In years past, I would sometimes attend the Easter Sunrise Service at Old Salem. This year, it's safe to say the trip was too far to travel in time so I slept in until the kids, in their sugared up state, woke me from my slumber.

They seemed to be very pleased with their gifts from the Easter Bunny! I've always stayed away from the pre-packaged baskets lining the store shelves and instead opt to fill their personal basket with goodies the Easter Bunny knows they would enjoy. So for around $15 a piece (careful shopping throughout the year), they get a basket brimming with books, toys and candy personalized just for them.

Each of them, on their first Easter, received a basket that would be used every Easter that came in the future. They are not big, about 6"W x 5"H x 10"L. The smaller size of the baskets limit what can be fit into it (so I don't go overboard).

The Boy received the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series for Christmas. It didn't take him long to plow through all the books and since then, he has been wanting to watch the movie. It was conveniently in his basket this morning. He also LOVES his Legos so there was a small Lego set tucked in the basket, too.

The Girl has been enjoying the "Rainbow Magic Fairies" book series - I think she has about 25 of them now. She received an Emma the Easter Fairy book in her basket  to add to her collection and "Brain Quest" for third grade (a jump start on next year) as well as a few other goodies specially chosen for her.

Elder Boy also got an Easter Basket this year, though it will probably be his last.

They don't get piles of candy - some jelly beans, Reese's Pieces (that they always get), a peanut butter egg, a chocolate bar (they have never been able to finish a solid chocolate bunny so I pass on those) and M&M's or skittles (The Girl prefers the Skittles to M&M's). But they get enough to satisfy their Easter candy sweet tooth and I can fill their basket with other things they will enjoy for much longer. Frankly, they still have candy left over from Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and various birthday parties they have been to. They didn't need more candy.

The gold eggs in their baskets hid money that they could put into their banks.

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