Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinnerware Search

Years ago, I fell in love with a set of dishes my dad and stepmom had. Apparently, it was a set she bought when she lived in NY years ago. She said her brother, who lived several states away at the time, had coincidentally also purchased the same set.

In fact, it was a design that was manufactured between 1967 and 1983 called Madeira by Franciscan.

A couple years ago when my parents were getting ready to downsize and move to a smaller house in Tennessee, I found that dish set amongst their other lifelong treasures piled in the garage ready for the auctioneer. There was no way I was going to let that set go. I staked claim to it then and there. Then they pulled out a box that had more pieces that they had picked up at a yard sale several years earlier.

I was very happy with the set (and thank goodness Mr. LH also really liked it). Between my parent's original set and the second set they picked up from the yard sale, I had plenty of plates, bowls, saucers and mugs. I didn't think of expanding on it, and since it was such an old set and not "china", I didn't think it would be possible.

Fast forward to our move to Colorado. Since Mr. LH was going to be in Colorado for awhile without the rest of us, I packed some dishes for him (no sense in buying more). I packed 2 of our bowls, dinner plates and salad plates for him. However, once I showed up in Colorado with the rest of the family, the bowls I had supposedly packed for him were missing. We couldn't find them anywhere.

2 months later, I was perusing a thrift store when I spotted 2 bowls...MY bowls. I snatched them up, paid $1.50 a piece for them and went on my merry way. I was so sure Mr. LH had left those bowls at his hotel and they wound up being donated to the thrift store. What luck to find them there!

Fast forward to a couple weeks later. Same thrift store. I spot an oval serving plate, a large serving bowl and a creamer from the same Madeira set. Now I'm not so sure those 2 bowls I bought were mine to begin with, but so what! I've replaced the original bowls and am now seeing pieces of the set I never know existed!

Since then, I have come across several more bowls and another creamer. I'm wondering why they don't just put the whole set out at once for sale...or maybe there are a number of people clearing them out of their cabinets? It is an older set so maybe people are just upgrading. Whatever the reason, I appreciate it.

I am on the hunt for more serving pieces and the sugar bowl. I could get them on eBay, but I'd rather hold out to see if I can find them for much, much less. Who would have thought that I'd be scouring yard sales and thrift stores looking for specific circa 1970's brown dishes?

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diana dubois said...

I am also a Madeira fan. I picked up service for 12 - plates, bread plates and salad plates (no bowls) and a serving platter for $40 at a flea market in Texas in 1998. I am still using them every day as our casual dinnerware and have yet to break a piece!