Monday, April 11, 2011

All Eyes & Hair

We recently agreed to participate in a multi-family yard sale. I took the opportunity to go through our piles of half unpacked boxes and re-packed the bulk of them with items (I think) we won't need until after we find our permanent Colorado home.

In the midst of everything, I ran across a wheat grass stuffed googly-eyed character that The Boy received as a gift awhile ago. It's one of those sawdust stuffed characters that you can water to grow "hair". The Boy had always kept the little egg-shaped guy on his desk still in the package - never wanting to grow his "hair" because then he'd be finished with and would have to be tossed out.

The little guy's sentimental value must have run out or been overtaken by the thought of finally watching his spiky green hair grow because the morning of the first day back from Spring Break, "Egg-Head" was soaked in water and placed by the window to The Boy's loud sigh of "FINALLY!"

The poor guy looked like he was pleading to get out of the bag.

One week later, we noticed a couple of sprouts popping up from "Egg-Head's" top so we removed him from his warm greenhouse of a zip top bag, gave him a fresh drink of water and placed him back in his sunny spot by the window among the cilantro, basil, peace lilies, violets and my hydrangea. It's a bit crowded there, but we'll hope for the best.

There aren't many sunny windows in this house. I think it's because so few of the homes here have any sort of air conditioning system installed so the lack of south/west facing windows reduces the amount of heat created inside during the summer (and even spring & fall) months.

The Girl is hoping he'll grow a mohawk.

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