Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Denver March Pow Wow 2011

I had known about the Denver March Pow Wow for a couple of months. A friend of mine suggested it back in January and I thought the kids would love it (and even if they didn't, *I* would love it). Thankfully, when the event weekend was upon us, that same friend reminded me of it. I had forgotten the Denver March Pow Wow was in March (imagine that) and that March was actually here.

Well, we had said back in November that we would start venturing out again when the weather warmed up a bit. At 72 degrees in what is historically one of the snowiest months of the year here, I'd say the weather warmed up enough for a day trip into the city.

The first new thing today was just going to the Denver Coliseum. None of us had ever been there and it would be a destination for any future concerts or events we chose to go to. It doesn't sound very exciting, but we're still driving around town with the help of a GPS so any place new that we learn to navigate to is wonderful!

The second new thing of the day was the Denver March Pow Wow itself.

I hadn't been to a pow wow in about 15 years - maybe more. I love hearing the drums, the singing, the dancers' costumes and the crafts for sale.

The Girl seemed to really enjoy watching the dancing. She even wanted to take a bunch of pictures so I let her have control of the camera for a bit. The Boy wasn't quite as excited but he perked up quickly when we wandered through the booths of crafted axes, arrows, wolf skins and bear claws. Of course, once we stopped for a taste of fry bread, everything else was forgotten...

Having such a large pow wow here in town is a treat, and though The Boy might have probably preferred sitting at home this weekend surrounded by his Legos, I think one day in his future he'll appreciate having experienced another culture. It took a while to win him over to the Celtic Festival and Highland Games in NC. The Denver Pow Wow will probably become an annual event for us just like (I hope) the annual Renaissance Festival coming up in June/July.

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