Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Big 18

We didn't plan on having a big birthday party for my Elder Boy's 18th birthday. In fact, he requested we not do a birthday party at all. I guess he's not into large crowds. However, he DID request a Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme pie from Village Inn instead of his annual birthday cake creation. While I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't make his 18th birthday cake, I am a big fan of the caramel pecan silk supreme pie (YUM!) so my disappointment faded very quickly.

In the span of 3 weeks, getting the pie for his birthday morphed into a full blown dinner at Village Inn with the whole family as well as his girlfriend's family - 9 people total. But considering that's about the extent of who we know and socialize with outside of Mr. LH's work, that was about as big as the party would get anyway (unless of course my son decided to invite his high school pals).

Mama J (girlfriend's mom) decorated Elder Boy's chair before we got there to create his "Throne of Honor". Of course, he pretended to be embarrassed about it.

He ordered his "usual"...the All World Double Cheeseburger topped with American and Swiss cheese, fried onion rings bacon strips AND Thousand Island dressing. He's really got to have his cholesterol level checked...

It's one of those burgers you have to smash down to be able to hold it...and then open wide to be able to eat it. He managed just fine. As I said, it's his "usual" so he's had plenty of practice.

After dinner, the wait staff brought out his full pie - complete with candle. Then the manager came on the intercom, announced his birthday and asked everyone in the restaurant to sing to Elder Boy (arranged by Mama J specifically to embarrass him).

It was a nice dinner. If we can catch up with him Thursday, we might celebrate his birthday again when he's officially 18. Though I hear there is a surprise in store for him at school so he might be hiding out somewhere afterwards.

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Joy said...

18, wow! Happy birthday, Zack! It looks like a delicious meal. That pie looks amazing!!

SilerLiningSkipper said...

Wow, did you mail me my piece of pie? Sorry we couldn't be there.