Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Hydrangea

Mr. LH knows how much I love Hydrangeas. My favorite flower. My favorite shrub. And when they bloom purple, I love them even more. I was so heart-broken to leave one behind in North Carolina. I had picked it up at the local Lowe's Hardware store at an end-of-season sale, planted it and babied it for the first couple of years. Then suddenly it started to thrive! The blooms grew bigger and more beautiful every year.

One of the first things I did upon learning of our move west was to see if Hydrangeas could survive here. I was thrilled to find out there were certain types that could. However, until we buy a home and plant our permanent roots here in Colorado, I won't be doing much gardening. No hydrangeas for now. But Mr. LH apparently had other ideas in mind.

Valentine's Day came. That morning, I was bringing laundry upstairs and happened to glance into the office (I always head for the office in the morning after the kids are off to school). I saw the huge blooms sitting on my desk.

At first I thought it was a bouquet with hydrangeas in it. Then I saw it was a potted plant! Oh, they were beautiful! Huge flowers in a pale blue lavender!

I'll need to move it to a bigger pot because I'm certainly not going to plant it at our rental house. It will look funny when the plant goes dormant. It will look like I have a potted stick in the house. But I'll have a hydrangea to place in the ground as soon as we find our new home where we can plant our roots.

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