Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time Marches On - Birthday #11

The Boy's birthday was the first birthday party for us in Colorado. Sure, I had my birthday here in October, but I mean cake, ice cream, presents...basically, the first party I could prepare for...

It wasn't going to be a big affair with lots of guests. Basically, we didn't really know anyone to invite. The Boy had new friends in school, but nobody really close. Still, that didn't seem to bother him at all. The thought of a small "family only" party actually seemed to please him.

I love the kid's birthdays and for years now have been making special birthday cakes for them. The Boy requested a Lego Mini-figure birthday cake. He had actually been talked down to that from a Lego Death Star cake. "That won't be too hard," I thought. really wasn't a difficult cake until I started over-thinking it. I'm bad about that. It's got to be proportional. It can't just be flat...more 3-D. It has to actually LOOK like a mini-figure. I scoured online for photos of other cakes. Lego makes a mini-figure cake mold but it wasn't available for purchase in the US. The Boy gave me a mini-figure to use as a model (a 1 1/2 inch high model for a 12" long cake...). Well, he got his cake. I loved it. He loved it. All was well.

The following night, we had reservations for a special dinner. We had kept the destination a secret from the kids but right before we left, Mr. LH and I were going over the directions to the place again. I said, "Take 25 to exit 211...the parking lot is on the left and the museum is on the right...". All of a sudden, the kids cried out (sounding somewhat disappointed), "We're going to a MUSEUM???" We didn't elaborate but there is also a museum in the area.

When we pulled up to the parking area, they understood. The Boy immediately saw the sign for the Downtown Aquarium. They have a restaurant inside that has huge fish tanks along one wall with sharks and all sorts of fish (I think they said 44 different species). The "Pickles" love aquariums and The Boy LOVES seafood so it seemed like the perfect place (kind of weird eating seafood while watching fish swim around).

The "Pickles" seemed to really enjoy themselves and we left the Aquarium sufficiently stuffed. It was just one more little more opportunity to adventure out into our new city and discover what it has to offer.

My little boy is eleven years old. He is starting on his 2nd decade of life. He grows out of his jeans faster than I can buy them for him. He can no longer order off the children's menu in most restaurants (which thrills him to no end!). I'm wondering how long he will put up with me treating him like my little boy...

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Joy said...

What a great birthday! That minifig cake is really great, and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time!