Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa's Cookies

Of course, part of our Christmas holiday tradition is making sure there is a special treat for Santa Claus. I never understood if this was to bribe him to leave more stuff or to just give him nourishment for his long night, but it is a tradition and traditions must be kept.

Winter break had just started and the kids were already getting used to running around in their pajamas all day. It doesn't take long for kids to suddenly get bored from having "nothing to do".

Elder Boy had his girlfriend over and The Girl absolutely would not leave the two of them alone so I suggested she help me make cookies for Santa. Just plain sugar cookies topped with icing (left over from The Boy's birthday cake) and sprinkled with the only sprinkles I had in the house (luckily, they were Christmas themed).

I did the vanilla and The Girl did the chocolate iced cookies. We had to have a lesson about sprinkles..."You just SPRINKLE them on the cookies...that's why they're called Sprinkles." I guess she figured the more, the merrier.

The cookies turned out to be really tasty and after everyone tried one, it was decided that Santa needed to lose some weight anyway. Two cookies would be plenty for him - one chocolate and one vanilla. I hope Santa likes his cookies. But if he doesn't, I'm sure Mrs. Claus will enjoy them. ;)

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