Monday, December 13, 2010

CCA Holiday Party

Mr. LH called from work to say the Community College was having a "Holiday Party" and asked if I wanted to go. Apparently the flyer said "Fun Games and Good Food" and we could take the kids. "Sure!" I told him. It was a free meal and we could get the kids out of the house.

When we got there, he directed us to the area where the party was supposed to be taking place. There were lots of people, but I didn't think it looked like a party was going on. The Girl didn't think so, either. She said, "There's nobody dancing!"

There was one game going on - Trivia...about people at the school we knew nothing about. Still, it was a nice affair and they did have great food. A buffet line served up fresh veggies and pasta with your choice of sauces and your choice of meat, huge bowls of salad, crusty bread and...gigantic trays of cannoli!!! YUM!

It was crowded in the room and we had to split up in order for all of us to have a seat. Mr. LH and I sat together while The "Pickles" and Elder Boy shared one end of a large (already somewhat occupied) table.

The "Pickles" got to taste cannoli for the first time and gave it a thumbs up!

After service awards were handed out, it was announced that anyone sitting at a chair with a red tag hidden under it would get the poinsettia on their table. Can you believe, The Girl and I both won one?

While the evening wasn't quite what we had in mind, we did get a great meal, showed our faces at a faculty function, and left with full bellies and 2 pretty plants (and I didn't have to do dishes that night).

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