Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Snow

After a beautiful 70+ degree day yesterday, it was hard to imagine it actually snowing today. We thought it would just be rain for sure. Especially since we actually BOUGHT a snow shovel this year. It was our insurance against snow. Get the shovel, it won't snow. That's how it worked in North Carolina. We even got the snow boots this year, too. Guess those "rules" don't apply here.

Here it is November...early November and the weather reports are calling for the dreaded "s" word.

Of course, the kids knew there was snow in the forecast. They were also aware that school wouldn't be closed unless there was a TON of snow on the ground in the morning. They were pretty disappointed to find the ground bone dry this morning. However, by 2pm, there was what looked like sleet pouring out of the sky (I thought we left the icy stuff back in NC). The gutters looked like they were flooded with Styrofoam pellets! We later learned this was called graupel.

By 2:30, snow flakes were falling fast. When school was dismissed (at their regular time), the volume in the playground increased tremendously. There were kids laughing and carrying on like they had never seen snow before and others who were running like there was fire and brimstone falling from the sky. Even the "Pickles" were suddenly "freezing" even though the temps were not bad. They weren't too upset about walking home, though.

They collected snow from fence rails and pavement on the way home to make snowballs.

By the time we got home, we were sufficiently chilled and ready for some hot cocoa and cookies.

But there will still be school tomorrow, so the homework must get done!

As for me, I'm changing into my fuzzy socks and turning up the pot of chicken stew on the stove. This snowfall is only going to be the first of many...

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