Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lego Maniac

I've always remembered the Lego commercial with Zac, the Lego Maniac. It would be fitting for Elder Boy, but while he enjoyed his Legos when he was younger, he never REALLY loved his Legos as his brother does.

The Boy asked for a Lego mini-figure birthday cake. He subscribes to the Lego Club magazine. He designs Lego structures on the computer. He watches Lego videos on YouTube. The Boy has wanted Legos for his birthday and Christmas for the last 3 years (not to mention every trip to Grandma's house would end with him acquiring new Legos). The Boy LOVES Lego.

When it was discovered that there was a Lego Outlet in the area, we know it was a trip we had to take. So on Black Friday (I have no idea why we went on Black Friday), we headed toward the Lego Store.

Though the mall was crowded (did I mention it was Black Friday), I think the bulk of the people were in that Lego store. Kids were everywhere, parents were everywhere, and people just seemed...happy. I mean REALLY happy. Maybe it's just the power of Legos.

After spending almost $80 there (a combination of The Boy's purchases and mine), we finally left. We will DEFINITELY be back there again soon.

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