Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorating

With Thanksgiving behind us, it was finally (FINALLY) time to decorate the Christmas tree!!! From the time the "Pickles" have been able to walk (without wobbling too much), they have assisted in the decorating. In fact, for the last couple years, all Mr. LH or I do is attach hooks to ornaments and watch the tree take shape.

The "Pickles" decorated the tree themselves this year. I think they did a pretty good job (I only had to shuffle a couple ornaments around).

The Girl even went so far as to place sticky notes to Santa near the tree...

Once the main tree was done, they moved on to the miniature tree by the front door. This is where they hang their Hallmark miniatures collections. We couldn't fit all the miniatures on the tree this year, though. We may need to get another little tree...

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Joy said...

They did a great job. :)