Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 25 Cent Jacket

The PTCO at The Girl's school takes donations of clothes, shoes, books, toys and movies every year and then holds their annual garage sale where everything (an I mean EVERYTHING) is 25 cents. Of course, I go.

We got stacks of books, Mr. LH found a shirt and The Boy got some jeans. But the best deal of the day was my jacket. Having just moved to Colorado and discovering none of my jackets were quite suitable for the cold winds and driving snow, I was getting desperate to find a good jacket - for cheap. Thank goodness we went to that garage sale.

While I was browsing through the children's books, Mr. LH walked up to me with a jacket. It was chocolate brown, down and feather filled, had a removable "fur" trimmed hood and was in pristine condition. It even had an overlap at the wrists so my gloves could create a sort of "seal" to keep the cold out.

In fact, the jacket was so perfect for me that I was worried someone had set it down while they were shopping and my husband walked off with it. But no one ever grabbed the jacket out of my hands and I walked out with it for 25 cents. Ya gotta love a bargain!

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