Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Time!

We always, always, ALWAYS carve a pumpkin for Halloween and moving so close to the holiday was not going to have an impact on the tradition. The kids drew their agreed upon design, Mr. LH transferred it to the pumpkin, newspapers were spread and the carving started.

Mr. LH always cuts open the top and the kids always get to stick their hands into the gooey mess inside to remove the seeds and the sticky, stringy innards.

Up until now, he has also taken over the carving, but this year, he passed that duty on to Elder Boy, who did his job very well.

I, of course, get to sit back with my cup of coffee and my camera and watch the whole process.

The only real hiccup we ran into was trying to find a candle to light up ol' Jack with. Every candle we have is still packed in boxes. But no matter, he'll be lit up by Halloween!

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