Friday, October 29, 2010

Maybe We Should Just Naturalize It...

We learned quickly that around here, to have a green lawn, you have to water frequently. We also quickly learned that around here water is VERY expensive.

To put this into perspective, our last water bill in North Carolina for 2 months for a family of 5 (and with a lot of pressure washing, painting, etc going on because we were moving) was $51. TWO months. When we talked to a real estate agent here, she said they water their yard, and have 3 kids and their water bill was "only" about $80 a month. YIKES! So now, although we tried to be conservative before, we are even more conscious of it now. I am dreading the first full month's water bill coming up...

To make matters worse, our lawn is by far the worst looking lawn on the block. I'm pretty sure the previous tenants chose to NOT water the grass. I guess some people decide that if it's not their grass, why bother.

My best friend called me up not long after we moved in and (since we both love gardening) asked me about the lawn. "It's CRUNCHY," I told her. And since it's November now, there's not a lot I can do about it until spring.

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