Sunday, June 30, 2019

Community Garden Update - June 2019

It still counts as a June update even if I get to it on the very last day of June, right?

I didn't spend much time at the community garden during the first 2 weeks of June, but a LOT has happened there since my last update.

All the planting beds have been completed. They have their repairs made, their coats of stain and their little house numbers added so they can be assigned to neighbors (and the numbers really seemed to give the planting beds a nice "finished" look).

The irises were planted in their new homes on Memorial Day weekend. I've been bringing jugs of water from home to water them and they seem to be doing well. They've even started sprouting some new leaves.

It's pretty late in the season already for them to bloom. The ones I have at home are finished for the year, but I hope these will have planting of time to settle in and be strong and ready to show off next year.

A neighbor volunteered to help rebuild the lock boxes which were damaged early last month. Although mostly rebuilt from scrap wood, the new lids are stronger, more sturdy and now have handles to make it easier to open and chain to keep them open while we retrieve whatever it is we need.

I'm still taking advantage of the free mulch from the city. Mr. LH and I got 3 loads on the most recent free mulch day and I've been spreading it to try to limit the weeds that have been popping up everywhere. We've only got 2 more free mulch days left this year (one in July and one in August) and I plan on taking advantage of both of them!

We had some pretty big downpours which made the sides of the planting beds filthy where the dirt in the pea gravel would splash back up onto the sides of the beds.

Where the mulch was placed, the planting bed stayed nice and clean.

Much better!
Moving wagons and wheelbarrows through mulch might be difficult, so I'm trying some path options.

Work in progress...
The excess rain hasn't helped with the weed situation. I've been pulling them constantly, only to find new ones when I come back the next day. Luckily, I have help in disposing of them...

I put out a call in the neighborhood and surrounding areas for lumber and landscaping donations last week. The response was fantastic and has been keeping my very busy going back and forth picking up items from neighbors and dropping them off at the garden!

One of many loads of donations!
The garden now looks like a small lumber yard, but it means I can finish the edging, make trellises and tomato cages and it looks like we'll have enough lumber now to rebuild the last planting bed AND make a picnic table!

We also received about 45 stepping stones and some really nice landscaping stone. I'm trying to fashion an area for a table with those using whatever rocks and gravel I can scrounge up.

It's been slow going. With temps in the 90's and the sun beating down, I've only been able to work on it for about an hour and a half at a time before I need to find some shade or air conditioning.

We finally got the locks on the water sources changed only to find out no one remembered where to turn on the water to the garden. We're still working on this.

The best news yet...after weeks and weeks of delays and waiting, the roofing company finished the neighborhood homes and vacated the garden parking lot. That means I can finally have the soil delivered! It's being dropped off tomorrow so I'll have a pretty busy week ahead trying to get those planting beds filled.

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