Thursday, January 10, 2019

31 Days To Organization - Day 10: Organizing Kitchen Counters & Drawers

Happy New Year! January is a time to start begin again with a fresh, clean it is only appropriate that January is National Organization Month! And since many people make a New Year's resolution to become more organized, I'll be posting organization tips every day for the month of January.

Day 10 - Clearing Kitchen Counters & Drawers

Kitchen counters and drawers quickly become collection centers - breeding grounds for clutter. Sometimes, the easiest way to get it all organized is to start over.

The biggest space hogs on countertops are small kitchen appliances. Mixers, toasters, fryers, blenders, they all get used once in a while. But in the meantime, you have no place to pour a bowl of cereal! Then, with all the hustle and bustle of food preparations, your kitchen drawers get jumbled up. But these things can be resolved! You won't ever again have to waste precious time creating a work space in your kitchen or rummaging around for what you need.
Move canisters and cookbooks to a handy shelf in your kitchen freeing up valuable counter space.

  • Keep only those items you use most often on your counter tops. If you use your toaster every other day, leave it. If you use your mixer once a month, move it.
  • Relocate your small appliances to the lower shelves of your pantry or to your base cabinets. Use roll out drawers to store them so retrieving them is easy.
  • Microwaves and toaster ovens can be mounted to the undersides of cabinets. Check with your appliance retailer or the appliance manufacturer to find out if they have a mounting kit available for your particular model.
I love the look of this embossed ceramic crock utensil holder!
  • Get your plastic wrap, aluminum foil and storage bags out your kitchen drawers so you have more space to store other things. A wrap organizer attaches to the inside door of your cabinet keeping all those long rolls of wrap handy and your drawers clear.
  • Place a utensil holder close to your stovetop. Use it to hold your spatula, mixing spoons, whisks and other large, frequently used cooking utensils. Store all other utensils and necessary gadgets in a drawer organized with drawer dividers.
  • Stop storing your pot holders in drawers. Hang them on a wall hook near the oven or attach a magnetic or adhesive hook to the front of the oven or on the refrigerator.

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