Monday, July 9, 2018

Canning Maraschino Cherries

Last year I saw someone post on Facebook about canning maraschino cherries. Mmmm...I thought. That sounds good. Maybe I could make them myself and have some great cherry flavor without that weird waxy texture.

But cherries were going out of season by the time I saw the post. So I forgot about it.

Last week someone posted a photo of their pot of cherries in brine, the first step in making maraschino cherries, and I remembered cherries were currently $1.29 a pound at Sprouts. It was time.

I couldn't find the original recipe on the Oregon State University Extension's website so I printed out a photo of the recipe. Royal Anne cherries were called for. Perhaps they are firmer? Sprouts didn't have Royal Anne cherries so I opted for the regular cherries, simply named "sweet cherries" (they were the ones that were on sale anyway).

I only needed 4 1/2 lbs of cherries for the recipe but I bought 15 pounds. FIF-TEEN POUNDS. I guess I'd better stock up while the price is low, huh?

The recipe is easy to follow but it does take three full days before you can actually can them. They were super sweet (I'll cut WAY back on the sugar next time I make them) but I served it "over ice cream to cut the sweetness" and it was really good. A couple scoops of ice cream, a few cherries and some juice drizzled over the whole thing! YUM!

The cherries weren't firm but they held up well. They also still retained their cherry flavor, even with all that sugar.

The recipe would up making 8 half-pints of cherries in syrup and 3 half pints of syrup. I also had another half pint that was about half filled with cherries and then filled to the top with syrup that went straight into the refrigerator.

I contacted the Oregon State University Extension about their missing recipe and here was their response:

OSU Extension has recently redesigned our website. We are in the process of review and recommendations for further revision, bear with us!  
Here is a link to the archive that has the marachino cherry recipe. I suggest you download and save it somewhere safe, I don't believe these archives will remain accessible for very long.  
Thanks for letting us know this one was of interest and missing!

Items shown in post photos:

Kerr wide-mouth half pint jar
Vintage Federal Glass Dessert Cup

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