Saturday, June 30, 2018

Long Weekend in Washington - Day 2

Washington, Day 2:

The main objective of the day was to make our way out to Cape Flattery, the furthest northwest tip of the contiguous United States. The drive was long and beautiful, mostly along a 2-lane road running along the coastline. We stopped anywhere we saw a photo op, starting with Pillar Point Recreation Area. The Park is adjacent to the Highway 112 National Scenic Byway, 35 miles west of Port Angeles.

We noticed two Border Patrol trucks in the parking lot, a reminder that just across the water was Canada.

The tide was out so our first example of a Washington beach was a huge expanse of mud, a blanket of kelp on everything, rocks, broken shells (probably dropped by the hungry seagulls) and lots of tiny Dungeness crabs scurrying around.

This beach was far different from the ones we had experienced elsewhere. But it was incredibly fun to explore!

Cape Flattery...WOW! It's a long drive to get there and once you park, you STILL have about 20 minutes of hiking along Cape Flattery Trail through massive trees!

But the forest is gorgeous and the views from Cape Flattery are unforgettable.

We thought of stopping in the small town of Neah Bay to eat but didn't see any place to go and time was running short. We DID, however, stop off at yet another beach for some quick pictures.

Lots of kelp...lots of rocks...gorgeous views!

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