Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Income Using PODs (Print on Demand)

I've recently expanded one of my tiny side Etsy business by making t-shirts, invitations, buttons and more through various Print-On-Demand services (POD's) as a way to supplement the income I make through Etsy and freelancing.

The Botanical Blue Wedding Collection on Zazzle

I love my Etsy Shop, The Peddler's Cart! It's lots of fun and keeps me plenty busy. But in order to not take away time from my shop, anything else I do to earn an income will need to require very little of my time in the long run so I'm working on building up more passive income streams.

Unfortunately, setting up those passive income streams is not exactly passive. I guess if it was easy and took relatively no time at all, everyone would do it. But is has been a nice creative outlet for me and I get a little better using my software with each design I make.

Born and Bred State T-Shirts

The Girl has even gotten involved. I pay her for some of her drawings which I then put onto products to sell (she preferred this option for now rather than waiting to split any royalties). This opened up the opportunity to talk to her about copyrights and contracts so she can learn how to protect herself and her artwork.

The shirts with artwork by The Girl can be found on Amazon as well as her Furry Fandom Shirts

I'm hoping she'll see the potential to make money on the side while she pursues her other (currently non-paying) art ambitions.

Colorado themed t-shirts
For the most part, I am only using services where the platform takes care of all the printing and related customer service. This leaves me free to only design and work on my other endeavors (and to not fall too far behind on everything else that needs doing with homework, housework and errands).

It's been a pretty fun side hustle so far!

You can find these items and more on Facebook, Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble and Zazzle.

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