Monday, February 19, 2018

Avoiding China Pattern Overload

I inherited my parents' wedding china. Mr. LH inherited his grandmother's silver.

The china has a platinum band on it and the majority of the silver is gold plated. They don't match, but I love them well as the history and memories they hold. Looking at all the china patterns available, both active and discontinued, makes me wonder...

"How on earth do people settle for one china pattern when choosing their wedding china?"

They are all so beautiful! I feel quite lucky to have inherited a set. It saves me the dilemma of having to choose.

Contemporary China by Noritake - Footed Cups and Saucers in the Marywood Pattern #2181

But I guess if you couldn't choose just one, you could be like my dear auntie who would mix and match place settings that she found in thrift stores and consignment shops. The sets didn't cost her much so she didn't fret so much about breaking pieces.

They soon became her "everyday dishes" rather than "special occasion only" dishes. Yes, they were more "worn" looking, but that made them more beautiful. With such an assortment of china, guests could choose the china pattern they wanted to use as their "personal place setting" when they visited.

Noritake China Sugar Bowl in the Hermitage Pattern #6226
It's sometimes hard to move away from the more traditional complete matchy-match china sets. But having many different place settings, though it may seem eclectic to some, is certainly one way to personally enjoy a wide assortment of the china patterns available to us.

If you need to complete your set, create a new one, or start your own mis-matched china set, visit our Etsy shop to see the vintage china patterns we have available.

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