Friday, October 24, 2014

Vintage Apron Sewing Patterns

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Aprons are one of my "things". I don't have a shoe fetish, but I do have an apron fetish (and maybe a boot fetish, but that's best saved for a later post).

I think it all started when I realized I had an incredible talent for getting grease spots on my clothes every time I stepped into the kitchen. Even washing dishes would mess up my clothes.

I wasn't always so accurate with my grease splatters. Back in my restaurant working years I could spend the whole morning prepping food and finish up just as clean as could be! So with my new found talent, my appreciation for aprons began.

"I'm just in it for the fashion!"

It started out of practicality. I used aprons that were as plain as could be, as long as they covered a LOT of my clothes. But then my best friend and I started looking at aprons as some sort of fashion statement. I need an apron to hang out the laundry, another one to collect the garden harvest, and many aprons always on hand for working in the kitchen (with a few spares for the children or any guests that want to pitch in and help).

While I still prefer the more practical utilitarian aprons, my best friend favors the more colorful and frilly aprons - especially those that remind her of the "June Cleaver" days.

With these sewing patterns, we could supply everyone we know in a fashionable (yet practical) apron so they'll never have to leave the house only to find they've acquired yet another grease spot.

From Left To Right (starting with the earliest):
  • McCall's 1712 - Child's Cobbler Apron with Tic-Tac-Toe Game - Printed Pattern with Transfer - Size 4 (copyright 1952) Update: This item has sold
  • McCall's 1713 - Misses' Cobbler Apron - Printed Pattern with Transfer - Size Small (10 - 12) (copyright 1952) Update: This item has sold
  • McCall's 3063 -  Misses' Set of Aprons, Plus Bonus Man's Apron - Step-By-Step Pattern - Size Large (16-18) (copyright 1971) Update: This item has sold

From Left To Right:
  • Kwik-Sew 1215 - Misses' Aprons (sizes S, M, L and XL), Child's Aprons (sizes XS, S, M and L) and Towels (copyright 1983) - It looks like there is a long-sleeved child-sized artist's smock in this bunch! Update: This item has sold
  • Simplicity Crafts 9143 - Set of Aprons (sizes S, M and L) (copyright 1989) Update: This item has sold
You can find these and other vintage sewing patterns in our Etsy shop!

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