Monday, October 27, 2014

The Foley Food Mill

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The Foley Food Mill is like a cross between a food processor and a blender, minus the electricity. It is an invaluable tool during canning season and is ideal for off-grid settings.

The Foley food mill acts as a manual hand cranked ricer, strainer and masher in one. It is the perfect tool for pureeing fruits and veggies and will even remove seeds and skins for you (something neither the blender nor the food processor will do).

The Foley Food Mill works with soft or cooked foods and makes wonderful applesauce, mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, cauliflower mash and even homemade baby food (THAT would save a lot of money!). I even heard of someone using it to make chili sauce because the chili seeds can’t get through the holes. Brilliant!

There is a wire on the bottom that scrapes the perforated grate clean as it turns. The whole mashing/pureeing mechanism unscrews easily for washing.

Two metal pot rest tabs help to hold the food mill steady and in place while you are using it.

The mashing mechanism turns easily and reads, "To clean - Remove thumb screw - Lift out masher - Food Mill - Foley Mfg Co, MPLS Minn".

On this version, possibly from the 1950's, both the handle and the knob are of a black plastic (believed to be Bakelite) and makes the food mill very comfortable to use.

You can find this Foley Food Mill along with other vintage kitchen items in our Etsy Shop.

We also have a Foley Food Mill available with the all metal handle which is also quite comfortable to use and reads FOOD MILL by Foley  on the handle base.

UPDATE: Both of these food mills have sold.

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