Thursday, October 16, 2014

Atlas E-Z Seal Pint Lightning Jar

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I love this jar! I have an incredible attraction to old jars with this wire bail lightning closure. The "lightning closure" design has a glass bubble lid clamped to the top of the jar with a wire bail. The wire is permanently affixed to the neck of the jar and with little effort, the bail will swing up “quick as lightening” to hold the lid in place.

In 1902, The Hazel Glass Company and the Atlas Glass company merged. The resulting Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was in business until 1964. They were one of the leading producers of canning jars in the 30's and 40's.

1911 Atlas E-Z Seal Canning Jar Ad from Good Housekeeping Magazine
1911 Atlas E-Z Seal Canning Jar Ad from Good Housekeeping Magazine
This particular jar is an Atlas E-Z Seal pint sized lightening canning jar.  The jar is clear glass and has lots of bubbles throughout. It's not for canning anymore. There are safer canning jars available nowadays. But this old jar has so much character, it's easy to find a use for it in the home.

“ATLAS E-Z SEAL” is in raised lettering on the front of the jar.

The glass top is aqua and therefore does not appear to be original to the jar. It too reads “E-Z SEAL” and has its share of bubbles in the glass.

The twisted wire bail and lightning closure have some rust on them but the mechanism works smoothly.

The number “8”, the letter “B” and the “H over A” Hazel-Atlas logo are all in raised lettering on the base.

There are some chips on outer top rim of the jar but the inner rim feels smooth.

Dimensions: approximately 5.75" H x 3.5" W x 3.5" D

You can purchase this jar from our Etsy shop.

UPDATE: This item has sold.

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