Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garden Update

We harvested our first vegetable of the season this week, and who would have thought it would be a zucchini? I have at least 2 more zucchinis that should be ready for picking within a couple days.

The plants all seem to have bounced back from Turtly's trampling a couple weeks ago. It's almost astonishing to see how much everything has matured in just those two weeks!

At least the latest batch of precipitation has resulted in more weeds in the yard for Turtly to munch. Perhaps it will keep him from trying to tear down the garden barriers.

I was also able to pick a jalapeno for some homemade Pico de gallo on Sunday as well as several bunches of cilantro, basil and oregano which are drying outside.

The jalapeno plants are more covered with peppers now than blossoms. We may have to pick a bunch of smallish peppers in order to get more blooms for future peppers.

Usually, I'd have piles of beans by now but they have been very slow to do anything this year. At least they have begun to show some progress in the last several days. I'm so happy to finally see some blooms on the bean plants, too!

The cucumbers continue producing flowers and fruit (though we haven't been able to harvest anything yet) and the vines keep growing taller.

The Roma tomatoes have long since reached the tops of the hail guards and I have plenty of green tomatoes taunting me. I can't wait for them to ripen!

I could do without the excessive heat (near triple digits every day now) but I sure do love gardening season!

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