Sunday, July 6, 2014

Garden Progress

It has been just over a month since I planted my garden - some from direct seed and some from our transplants. The weather has been a little cooler than usual, probably because of the constant thunderstorms we had throughout June but my veggies (for the most part) seem to be coming along nicely.

The jalapenos and Roma tomatoes, beneath their hail guards, continue to grow taller every day. The Romas have almost reached the tops of the hail guards and have blooms all over them. I've even spotted several tomatoes.

Last year I didn't have any tomatoes show up until late July.

The jalapenos, while still fairly small plants, also have blooms everywhere...

...and one pepper!

The pole beans haven't done well this year at all.  They look yellowed and seem to have simply stopped growing.

The cucumbers, also covered in blooms, are slowly making their way toward the trellis.

If I don't train them to climb the trellis, they will cascade down the side of the EarthBox and Turtly will decide to have cucumber vines for lunch one day.

The cucumber plants have a few tiny fruits on them as well.

Have have several containers of cilantro and basil outside that are doing well. (There are more inside along with some oregano)

I'll really need to thin out that basil - maybe transfer some of it to more containers.

Turtly had decided to push down the fencing around my zucchini and radish garden and trampled through them a few days ago, eating some leaves and stomping on others. Three of the four zucchini plants looked to be in pretty bad shape.

I had to pull up all the radishes (which he happily ate). Funny thing is, I noticed these radishes were the best I had ever grown! Some of them actually developed a bulb though they were still puny and had WAY too much bite for me.

With the radishes gone and the flea beetles still around, some zucchini leaves are starting to suffer.

Those lower leaves are being eaten away by the flea beetles and pill bugs. The higher leaves are spotty but still holding up. This is the best of the zucchini plants after Turtly took his stroll through here.

I'm hoping the zucchini will still recover. This looks like a good sign.

That looks to be a tiny zucchini coming up back there!

All in all, things are looking good in the garden!

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