Thursday, July 24, 2014

Crochet A Recycled T-Shirt Rug

I had a pile of T-shirt yarn balls from a bunch of T-shirts I had cut up months before. They were just sitting in my yarn basket untouched and taking up space.

I had originally made the t-shirt yarn to make create storage baskets like these:

But I now had so many storage baskets I was giving them away.

I decided to take all that t-shirt yarn and use it up.

I used my Boye size S 19mm crochet hook and made quick work of that pile of turning it into a rug.

It is certainly a mess of colors!

I had intended to make a runner to replace my kitchen rug but I only had enough yarn to make a smaller bathmat sized rug. It worked up in a couple of short afternoons.

I'll have to start collecting more T-shirts now. A lot more. It took 27 T-shirts (25 men's XL and 2 boys Medium) to make this rug. It's 41 stitches wide and 29 rows high. It measures 37" x 24".

The wheels have started turning again. I'm thinking of dying my white t-shirt yarn different shades so I can make an ombre rug. At least...something with a little more thought towards design than this one. <grin>

You don't really need a pattern for this rug. Just make it like you would a washcloth (only much bigger). But, for those who want a pattern, here's a loose one for you:

Recycled T-Shirt Rug

Hook Size: S (19mm)
Yarn: Hand cut T-shirt yarn* - there's a good tutorial at Mollie Makes on how to make your own t-shirt yarn.


sc - single crochet
ch - chain

Chain 42 (or longer if you desire a wider rug, shorter if you want a narrower rug)
SC in the 2nd stitch from your hook. SC across. Chain 1. Turn. (41)
SC across. Chain 1. Turn. (41)
Repeat until your rug is the desired length.
Cut yarn leaving a long tail. Weave in.

*Note: The width of your t-shirt yarn strips and the weight of your t-shirt material determine how thick your yarn will be. My yarn strips are about an inch wide. The t-shirt material/weight varies.

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Natasha said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial, I like the simplicity of your design. I also made a rectangular t-shirt rug and linked back to you for my readers who want a step-by-step outline.