Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Birthday Weekend

This year marks the last of Mr. LH's "Forty-Something" birthdays. His birthday actually fell on a Friday which was rather convenient. We celebrated at home on Friday and again on Sunday with dinner out.

With outside temps reaching the low 90's and indoor temps hovering around a stifling 84 degrees, I was not in the mood to bake and decorate a cake. The pickles and I decided an ice cream cake might be a welcome treat in all that heat so we purchased one from Dairy Queen and decorated the top.

Part of his birthday gift was a trip to Moe's Original BBQ. We always made an effort to go to Moe's whenever we were in Vail and now a new location had just opened recently in Aurora, complete with an arcade and bowling lanes!

This location was converted from an old drug store (Walgreens, I think). The inside looks much larger than the outside.

There is a bar area in the middle with the dining area on one side and the bowling lanes (with huge screens and comfy looking seating) on the other side.

The arcade is on a second floor overlooking both the bowling area and the dining/bar area. It's not a large arcade. It might have had about 20 games and the skeeball machine looked like the balls were missing. None of the games were less than 50 cents, either. Maybe this is nothing new but I still expect arcade games, especially older model ones, to cost 25 cents.

I had a hand full of quarters that I divided between the "Pickles" and Mr. LH.

The Boy was quick to try out Donkey Kong. I haven't seen one of these sit-down versions of the game since I was in high school!

Mr. LH had his flashback moment playing one of his old school favorites, Star Wars pinball.

We started our meal with the fried pickles and ranch dip. Our "pickles" had never tried fried pickles before and both of them really enjoyed them.

Mr. LH and I both had the pulled pork platter, but with different sides. I chose the baked beans and marinated slaw. He chose the pork chili (one of the sides of the day) and banana pudding. All of them tasted great!

The Boy (and his bottomless pit stomach) got a Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich with 2 sides. The sandwich came heaped with pork, just the way he likes it.

There were no leftovers this day and we all went home happy and very, very full.

I have to mention, I was a bit worried about how the evening would go. Prior to visiting this new Moe's location, I checked out the reviews and found the majority of them to be pretty harsh. However, I am happy to report our waiter was wonderful and the food was just as delicious as we've had at the Vail location! We had a great time!

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