Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apple Tree Blossoms

Across the street from  my house are two apple trees. Every fall they are covered in apples. For the past two years, they have housed bird nests where the neighborhood children could catch a glimpse of baby birds. But fall is a long way off and there is no sign of a bird's nest in the branches yet.

However, every spring these trees greet the season one after another with gorgeous blossoms!

In mid April, the first tree to bloom got a nice coating of snow.

The weather didn't seem to affect the tree much. In fact, I think it may have helped. The blooms just got bigger!

Once the blossoms from the first tree started to fade and the branches began to turn green from the new leaves, the second tree began blooming.

The scent from these trees is heavenly! The Girl and I would just stand beneath them and breathe in deeply while the Boy watches us from our front porch thinking we've lost our minds.

I love spring!

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