Sunday, August 4, 2013

Broncos Scrimmage at Mile High

We had never been to Sports Authority Field. We had never seen the Denver Broncos anywhere other than on our TV. We had never been on the Light Rail.

Yesterday we did all three. We took the Light Rail to Sports Authority Field to watch the Denver Broncos Summer Scrimmage.

It took awhile to figure out how to buy tickets for the light rail using the ticket machines, but eventually we wound up with (what we hoped) were the correct ones.

There were so many people on the light rail headed to the stadium that we needn't have worried about getting lost. We just followed the crowd of orange and blue.

(This train full of Broncos fans was the happiest group of strangers I have ever encountered)

Even once we got off the light rail, there was a pretty lengthy walk to the stadium but we could just "follow the crowd".

Leave it to the "Pickles" to find something to climb on. In this case, it was a giant football.

I had never before been in an NFL stadium. It was really exciting! There was dancing, cheering, stomping, and of course, the wave!

But the sky darkened with clouds and it wasn't long before a warning flashed on the screen above our heads:

Not wanting to press our luck with mother nature, we left our seats and decided to pass the time in the team store until the storm passed.

Luckily we went early. Once the rain started, EVERYONE wanted to get into the team store and security had to regulate how many people could come inside!

When the rain calmed down, we wet off to find some seats under cover. Those were in high demand now and hard to find. But we managed.

Look at that sky!
Catching the light rail back home

I'm so glad we went! And because the Summer Scrimmage is free, it only cost us the light rail fare!

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