Tuesday, April 23, 2013

National (Junior) Honor Society

A few weeks ago, The Boy brought home an application from school along with a letter saying he qualified for the National Junior Honor Society. The what?  I was very familiar with the National Honor Society (NHS). I was a member in high school. But I hadn't realized they had a junior version.

After talking about the requirements for NJHS (volunteering, community service projects, etc), The Boy decided to go ahead and apply. Two weeks later, he received notice he was accepted. The induction ceremony was to be held on Aprill 22nd. Wouldn't you know it, the night of the ceremony we started getting another of our weekly Spring snow storms. It wasn't yet bad enough to keep everyone away, though.

A little history here...I had done so poorly in my 9th grade history class that it took me until my senior year to pull my GPA high enough to qualify for NHS. Because of that, the induction ceremony for NHS was a big deal to me. It was confirmation for all my hard work.  I'm not sure The Boy felt that level of importance about the ceremony but he thought NJHS might look good when he was applying for colleges in 4 or 5 years. (sniff...only 4 or 5 years???)

He also liked the idea of getting dressed up. He does look pretty spiffy, doesn't he?

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