Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pants Leg Extensions

My daughter must have hit a growth spurt. She also must have gotten more genes from her daddy than I originally suspected (never mind that she looks just like him) and is sprouting as quickly as her brother.

The girl has, in a couple months, moved straight from size 8 jeans to size 12. She has just skipped right over size 10. They are too short for her. Did I mention she's only 9 years old?

So what do I do with the size 10 jeans I had ready for her to grow into? Since the waist still fit her just fine, I simply added leg extensions. I have seen around the internet where people add lace to the bottoms of pants to make them longer. It's a great idea and very easy, but I didn't have lace wide enough and The Girl isn't a lace kind of girl anyway. She'd never wear the jeans if I put lace on them.

I had her try on her pants so I could measure the length needed. I would have to add a full 2 inches to the bottoms...after I had already let the hem out!

The Girl chose some fabric from my scrap bag.

 Of course, she picked out the flimsiest stuff I had so I folded it over some interfacing to stiffen it and sewed little cuffs to the bottoms of her pants.

I'm thinking I'll add another strip of fabric in above the cuff (either the same print or in white or black) to cover the discolored crease from the old hem. But really, when she has the pants on, it's not noticeable unless you're looking straight at it.

Thank goodness summer is around the corner and she can wear shorts while she grows some more!

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