Saturday, February 23, 2013

Growing Up Gamer

There was a Video Game Exhibit at the Aurora History Museum. Heh heh...that's the easiest way to get kids to go to a museum...

We picked a nice, frigid, February weekend to go.

That's the Aurora Municipal Building behind us. The Aurora History Museum is actually to the left. The police station and Central branch of the Aurora Library also surround this lawn.

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that most of this video game exhibit came from one person's massive collection.

Massive and IMPRESSIVE collection.

Some of these video game systems went way WAY back. Mr. LH could remember the earlier ones. My memory stopped at Atari.

Harvest Moon was my contribution. They ran out of post-its so I had to write it in.

The Boy has been playing a lot of The Oregon Trail lately...and has been seeing this notice a lot, too.
With more exhibits like this, perhaps the "Pickles" won't balk about visiting museums so much!

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