Friday, January 4, 2013

Brown Sugar Cookies

Last April, I had 94 cookbooks. I have since lost count. I've added to the collection so this monstrous stack I received through Freecycle.

 I am a self-proclaimed cookbook junkie. If I come across a cookbook that intrigues me, chances are, I'll take it home with me. I'll go through the entire cookbook at least once before I decide whether to keep it or not.  Most of the time, I keep it. And so it was with this hardcover collection of 2007 Cooks Illustrated magazine issues I found at Goodwill (on 50% off day, no less).

Thumbing through it, I found plenty of "try someday" recipes. But then I came across the Brown Sugar Cookie recipe and knew I had to make

I'm not a big fan of sugar cookies. They just don't have much taste to me. But BROWN sugar cookies...especially with dark brown sugar in them...I could just taste the bold flavor! The promise of a chewy center and crisp exterior just sealed the deal.

These cookies were FANTASTIC!!!  They delivered on their promise of a crisp outside and chewy inside. Everyone in the family loved them and even my mom grabbed up her notebook to copy down the recipe.

It took a little more prep than other cookies because you have to brown the butter (which really comes through in the finished cookie) but it was so. totally. worth. it.

If you happen to be a member of Cooks Illustrated online, you can find the recipe on their website. Or, you can find it here on

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