Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Newest Teenager

The Boy is a lover of Lego, Minecraft, and video games. He gravitates towards Star Wars and natural disaster movies. Rube Goldberg Machines fascinate him. He can eat 10 waffles in one sitting and then ask how soon we'll have dinner.

Yes, his room is messy. Yes, he puts off doing his chores. Yes, he hates homework and would rather not go to school. But...

The Boy's favorite place is home. His best friend is his sister. He likes to share. He does not join in when others are being cruel and has no problem saying "no" when he should. He walks away from trouble. He avoids spending his money but is quick to offer what he has if he thinks it will help. He thinks of others before himself and he enjoys the little things in life more than most people. How did I ever get so lucky to have a son like him?

This year, The Boy turned 13 years old. Gone was the child. I now had another teenager.

Since his last birthday, The Boy has enjoyed not being subjected to the kids menu in restaurants. He's also been happy about his age demanding adult admission for things. Now, however, he refers to everything as "man-sized". If we go out to eat, he wants a "man-sized" meal. If we're just making sandwiches at home, he wants to make the "man-sandwiches" with everything on them. I don't mind him having a healthy appetite - especially when he so darn skinny to begin with, but it just reminds me that he's growing up. In a few years, he'll be going off to college. (sniff)

Oh where, oh where has my little boy gone?

The Boy - Christmas 2001 - Just after his 2nd birthday

Celebrating his birthday was a weekend event. We didn't plan it that way, it just happened that way. But The Boy acted as though it was meant to be...an entire weekend of celebrating him.

The boy had 3 requests for his birthday. The first was to eat at The Tavern Lowry as one of his birthday gifts.

He ordered a gigantic mushroom burger. He finished it. (Where DOES he put it???)

The second was to receive The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess for the Wii. I asked him why he wanted that particular game. He said because The Girl liked it so she would be able to tolerate him playing it all the time. (grin)

The third request was a Minecraft cake. At first I wasn't sure what I would do there, but I managed. (Instructions for the cake can be found at The Creative Cake Maker.

Yes, he only had three requests. He's like that.

His birthday party was a small event. We didn't have a bunch of his friends over. He usually prefers small gatherings. However, his brother surprised him by showing up from Fort Collins the day of the party.

So, The Boy had a good birthday weekend. He got everything he wanted and more. He even commented "Now I'm REALLY looking forward to Christmas after this great birthday!"

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