Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Trunk-Or-Treat

We were invited to a trunk-or-treat taking place at a church down the street a few days prior to Halloween. In fact, we were invited twice - once by a neighbor down the street and again by one of Mr. LH's co-workers. Add in the mention of a chili cook-off and cinnamon roll competition and we had our minds made up to go...even if it was only to eat.

The Girl was ready - her costume had been in the works for a couple months already. The Boy needed to come up with something quickly. He decided on a Minecraft costume and we (I) spent the next 2 days putting it together.

The costume was silly and it was bulky, but he absolutely loved it! And that's what really matters, right?

What we had not planned on was the drive to the church. It wasn't too far. On a normal sunny day, we could have walked. But it was windy and cold and The Boy's boxy costume was not exactly comfortable for a long trek to the church. Nor was it very good for wearing while riding in a car.

No matter. He rode to the church and pulled on his costume when we got there, creating quite a scene in the parking lot. We had forgotten to bring the brads for the top flaps of his costume so we wound up just folding the flaps in.

We found everyone already in the church gym enjoying their chili dinner. We were apparently very late showing up (so much for being fashionably late) and everyone turned to look when we walked in...a robed wizard and a big boxy robot looking guy along with a couple of parents that hate being the center of attention.

Thankfully, people we knew came over to welcome us and help us find seats in the crowded gym. The Boy removed his costume head and attempted to sit down.

He managed okay but we had to hand him all his food...he couldn't see the table over his costume.

Once everyone was finished eating, the church had games available for the children to play and keep occupied while adults made their way outside to decorate their cars for the Trunk-or-Treat. The "Pickles"  tossed beanbags and rings, played "go fish" and won cupcakes in a cake walk.

Once it was announced the Trunk-or-Treat could begin, the halls of the church cleared out quickly as all the children rushed outside into the darkness in anticipation of candy.

There was a long line of vehicles (mostly minivans) on two sides of the parking lot decorated in lights, spider webs and pumpkins. Fog was rolling through from one of the vans. Many of the candy distributors were in costume. Unfortunately, because of the darkness, I didn't manage to get a single decent photo. But I caught some video:

It only took about 20 minutes to get through the entire parking lot but the "Pickles" had a lot of fun and were very pleased with their loot.

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