Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Thank heavens Halloween fell in the middle of Fall Break unlike last year. That gave us plenty of time to eat dinner and get ready. Trick-or-Treating seems to start early around here (about 5:30) and ends before 8pm. We had a lot to do before then and a lot of ground to cover in that time frame.

Luckily, we finished carving the pumpkin the night before...

The Girl and I spent the day running webs in our trees and across the inside and outside of our front windows.

We also put a big bowl of treats out on the front porch since no one would be home to hand it out. Mr. LH was stuck at work for a late class and wouldn't be able to join us in time.

We had a smaller group for Trick-or-Treating this year but it was a great group of kids and we had plenty of  fun.

It was slow going at first. The Boy needed some help for awhile maneuvering steps and curbs and such but after awhile of being led around by his mom, he decided he needed to figure out a safe way to get along by himself. He discovered he could see his feet by holding the costume head slightly out and looking down through the bottom opening.

He REALLY liked it when people would stop to compliment his costume. They'd call "STEVE!"out to him from down the street. He even had a couple of teenaged boys salute him (I guess Minecraft is bigger than even I realized). I think he wants to be a creeper next year. We'll see.

I loved going around seeing everyone's decorations and jack-o-lanterns...especially the bug-eyed one above.

Once home, we went through every bit of candy, pulling out everything the "Pickles" couldn't eat (because of their braces). I made a deal with them to trade candy for "prizes" like Blu-rays (Harry Potter) and Redbox rentals. The candy I got in trade was stashed away for me (toffee anyone?) or passed on to Elder Boy. I was surprised by how well that deal worked. But hey, it was a win-win...and they didn't miss the candy one bit.

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