Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Afternoon Walk

We learned yesterday that The Girl's class listings were ready and posted outside her school. We planned to walk there (about a mile round trip) to get some exercise and find out which teacher she would have.

On the way, The Boy found an acorn.

Prior to moving here, an acorn wouldn't have seemed like something worth taking a picture of. They were everywhere in our front yard in North Carolina (and a real nuisance). However, this is the first acorn I've seen since moving to Aurora 22 months ago. In fact, the first winter I was so worried about the lack of acorns that I searched online for treat recipes for the squirrels. Mr. LH mentioned the squirrels here were pretty fat and didn't seem to be suffering from the lack of acorns.

The Girl checked the class lists out and was pleased to discover she got the teacher she wanted. She spent the next 5 minutes going through finding names of her friends.

On the way home, we took a different route. The "Pickles" spotted a couple evergreens with branches perfect for climbing.

It was shady and cool under the trees so Mr. LH and I let them climb around for a bit.

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1 comment:

Joy said...

That's an unusual looking acorn. I never thought that they wouldn't have many there. Interesting. That tree looks great for climbing!