Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little Fish

On the afternoon of her last day of school, The Girl asked if we could go ahead and set up the pool. The sky was blue and the air was hot - above 90 degrees - so I agreed. I took the radio outside so I could listen to some music while I sat beside the pool with the air pump.

One inflated pool and one sunburn later, I lugged the water hose over to begin filling it. I could already imagine how good the cool water would feel. Then part of my mind realized what the radio was announcing...a tornado watch until 9PM (it was only 4 o'clock and the skies looked perfect). Well, I thought I'd better just fill up the pool enough to keep it from blowing away if the wind kicked up.

The storms blew in and wreaked havoc on my veggie plants, but the next day brought bright blue skies with it. I filled up the pool a bit more. Another storm blew through that afternoon and evening. Swimming was going to have to wait.

The following day, I fished out what debris I could and the "Pickles" jumped right in. Unfortunately, they jumped in with all their clothes on. Once they were properly dressed in swimwear and slathered in sunscreen, they were allowed back in the water. The "Pickles" spent the next 2 hours playing with water guns, water balls, goggles and boogie boards in that little pool.

And it wasn't even filled it up all the way...

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