Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Big Forty-Something

Ever since Mr. LH hit 40, I've had a difficult time remembering exactly what age he is without having to do the math.  Sometimes I even have to do that to remember my own for the last several years, he's been "forty-something".

I don't think he minds that I don't always remember exactly how old young he is. I decided to take that youthfulness and make it into a from his decades old favorite cartoon, Speed Racer.

Where on earth would you stick a candle in this cake?

I found a tutorial for the cake on and knew it would be Mr. LH's birthday cake...though it wound up being the most challenging cake I've made to date.

We also made Shrimp & Grits for his birthday dinner since he's been asking repeatedly for me to make it again.

Add to it the iDad card we made for him and a few carefully selected gifts and we were all ready to celebrate!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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