Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick Therapy

We have a huge shrub in our front yard. In the summer, it harbors lots and lots of bees (the bush actually sounds like it's buzzing). In the fall it drops berries EVERYWHERE. In the winter it is covered with snow until we shake it off (then it just looks ugly).

Despite pruning (maybe even because of it) the shrub has grown so much that it covers the nearby walkway running alongside out driveway. The bush was so unattractive that I'm hard pressed to even find a picture of it! Something had to be done. So something WAS done.

that. felt. GREAT!

Of course, it's still ugly and now Mr. LH is worried it won't grow back (we ARE in a rental house, after all). If it doesn't. I'll replace it with a tree. But I have faith in this shrub. And once it sprouts it's new shoots of green, it will be fuller, more manageable, and quite pretty.

Now to work on the twisted, dry evergreen shrubs at the side of the yard...

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