Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Egg Hunt

The "Pickles'" Grandmom always always ALWAYS had an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday. In fact, our first Easter in Colorado was the first Easter (since Mr. LH and I got married) without an Easter Egg hunt. It came as no surprise when The Girl asked if we could have one. Of course, she asked me only a few days before Easter.

I bought some plastic eggs (I had donated all our plastic eggs to Goodwill when we moved) and a bag of Easter chocolates and then I raided our change jar. The night before Easter, I filled 30+ plastic eggs with chocolate and loose change for the hunt. We were worried there weren't 30 places to hide eggs in our backyard.

We did find enough hiding places...and discovered that any egg hidden off the ground (on fences, in trees, etc) were some of the last to be discovered.

The Boy - with 3 yellow eggs in plain sight on the fence...but he's busy looking down on the ground for eggs.
Apparently, the "Pickles" didn't think eggs would be hidden 3+ feet off the ground.

The Girl wound up with 15 eggs and The Boy with 18 so it worked out pretty evenly. They had fun with it and decided they wanted an Easter Egg hunt again next year. At least I have more time to plan...

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