Monday, April 30, 2012

The Annual Variety Show

Last year's Variety Show at The Girl's school was a lot of fun, though the gym was so packed that many (and I mean MANY) people didn't have a place to sit. This year, they moved it to the high school auditorium and while there were still people that couldn't find a seat, it was MUCH more comfortable. The Girl's class went first with their song and dance routine to "Jailhouse Rock". They got off to a rough start - missing their que - but after a second start, did great.

I'm STILL trying to get a video to upload of her routine so check back later to see it.

Other  parts of the show included demonstrations and routines including gymnastics, piano, martial arts, guitar (there was a great one with a father and daughter playing La Bamba") and of course, there was the teacher's finale which, once again, was the highlight of the show:

It amazes me how many children are willing to get up in front of a crowd that large to do their thing. I know I wouldn't have done that back then. Maybe I would now...but definitely not back when I was in elementary school.

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