Wednesday, April 4, 2012

94 Cookbooks and Counting

94. That's how many cookbooks I have. I know this because I have been going through our extensive collection of books, weeding through them and re-packing them into categories.

94 cookbooks. It sounds so...high. It sounds ridiculous! But those 94 cookbooks take up only 2 moving boxes and one small shelf, so that's not too bad. I feel I have to mention that in those two moving boxes I also have about 50 magazines (Food & Family, Taste of Home and Southern Living) so the books really take up even LESS space.

I don't know how I acquired so many cookbooks. I weeded through them before we moved to Colorado. I weeded through them once we got to Colorado (and believe me, it is NOT easy to get rid of cookbooks). But then I felt I needed to find regional recipes...tried and true recipes and local favorites from this area. The best sources for local recipes are usually church or fundraiser cookbooks. I have my fair share of these, but I never did find a church cookbook for this area. Maybe that's just a Southern States thing, but I'll keep looking.

Perusing thrift stores and second-hand book stores, I found West Of The Rockies (a cookbook from Grand Junction, CO) and High Altitude Baking (among other non-regional cookbooks that I had to bring home).

On a trip to the mountains, we stopped in Georgetown where I found Sharing Mountain Recipes by The Muffin Lady. It not only covers bread, cakes and other dessert treats, but also has other recipes from breakfast to dinner...and all at high altitude. (There is a potato latke recipe I want to try that looks to have more zucchini than potato - and we all love zucchini!)

Then when I inquired about baking cakes here, a friend highly recommended Pie In The Sky which covers baking all sorts of things at many different altitudes - sea level, 3,000, 5,000, 7,000, and 10,000 feet. No matter where we live (or visit), I can bake these recipes. And I can share them as well, which has become a problem of late. I can't always share tested recipes with my "sea level" friends because they have been created and adjusted at 6000 feet.

Then, of course, there is my Prairie Home Cooking cookbook that I won last year (it has the scrumptious gingerbread waffle recipe in it).

Just for the record, I called my cookbook/cooking loving friend to tell her about my 94 cookbooks. I figured if anyone could appreciate it/relate to my collection, it would be her. Then she got curious about the size of her cookbook collection. She had, at last count, 108 cookbooks so now I don't feel so bad about getting more...and there will be more.

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