Thursday, March 8, 2012


All this week, the "Pickles" are taking their TCAP tests (TCAP stands for Transitional Colorado Assessment Program. Last year it was called the CSAP - Colorado Student Assessment Program). There has been a lot of preparation going on for this test and The Boy even has an incentive. The 6th graders who do well will be able to go with their classmates to the Movie Tavern to see the newly released movie "The Lorax" (not that I agree with them using school time for this completely unrelated "field trip", but The Boy is excited about it as I'm sure many of his classmates are).

For The Girl, there have been no incentives (that I know of), but one of the elementary schools in the area produced a music video for all students taking the TCAP. She came home Monday talking about it and insisting I watch it. It get's long and repetitive towards the end, but The Girl really liked it:

The same people also produced a video last year for the CSAP test which The Girl got to watch. I like this one better. Maybe because the music is more from "my time":

I never knew about these motivational videos about state assessment tests, but looking through YouTube, there seems to be a lot of them.

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