Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer Fun on a (not quite) Spring Day

Although we have been having beautiful weather off and on (more "on") for the past 2 weeks, Tuesday brought with it a gorgeous 74 degree day. The Girl came home from school asking to play in the I let her:

The Boy set out his army men camp in the dry, parched area called our backyard.

He then created a "dust storm"...

so the army men could later experience the "flood" when the heavy rains of the sprinkler started.

After The Girl mentioned how cold she was (in a swim suit, wet, evening breezes starting to pick up), The Boy laughed and said it wasn't that bad (though he was dressed in jeans and a hoodie). To prove it to her, he ran through the sprinklers himself...still dressed in the jeans and hoodie. Sigh.

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